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Supreme X Montana Cans

At first, you notice the red box logo with the white Futura Heavy Oblique text on it. Anyone who is young, a skater, into hip hop, punk,  graffiti, streetwear, or anything to do with youth culture knows what they are looking at. The word SUPREME beams out into the street like heavily opaque paint color being ejected out of a Montana Cans can. Welcome to the SUPREME store. So what is the significance to it being a Thursday you might ask? With the release of two collections per year, SUPREME exercises the unique habit of introducing new product drops from each current collection to their online and brick and mortar store locations every Thursday. On 10th of June 21 the SUPREME x Montana-Cans Mini can set was released!

The set, featuring the six colors Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Silver, and Black, came in the iconic form of the 50ml/1.4oz can, loaded with the elegant black skinny cap. Filled with high-quality German-made Montana-Cans spraypaint and a big thanks to the team at SUPREME, the symbiosis between these two brands made this collabo a pleasure to be a part of. A fact that was confirmed by the active supporters of the brands who went to the physical stores and clicked their way online so fast that by the time you have read this article, the sets had already sold out!

The skateboard brand SUPREME, founded by James Jebbia in 1994, has since grown to an internationally recognized symbol of quality, integrity, style, and in-the-know brand when it comes to youth culture. Now considered one of the classic New York brands, its roots are as heavily entrenched in skateboard culture as the roots of Montana-Cans are embedded in graffiti. The brand prides itself on making quintessential products such as skateboards, clothes, and accessories, that are not over manufactured. Without even trying, over the years their already sold through product ranges have become collectible, sort after, and valued by customers and supporters the world over.

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